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Joy in cool places

Our mission is to provide people with a tool to help find joy in the ordinary. I like to think of a Jar of Joy is an invitation for this growth. The quotes are simply a way to remind us of the joy, light & compassion we already know. 


When I was in high school I would tape my favorite quotes all across my bedroom walls and carry the slips of paper in my pockets. Constant reminders of beauty and new ways to look at the world were always around me, and that changed everything. 


Reading quotes and surrounding yourself with positivity is important work because YOU are important work. When you take care of what is on the inside, you are able to go out and do great things for the world on the outside. And it’s all about that outward ripple, and it starts from within.

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become a joy rep

If you are passionate about positivity and inspiring others, apply to be a Joy Rep! We are always looking for people to help share in our mission of spreading joy. Our Reps are the first to know of & share new products and news.

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