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ABOUT Meredith & Pam

Meredith and Pam are the mother-daughter duo behind the jars. When Meredith was struggling in high school, her mom put a glass bowl of quotes on her desk & asked her to pick one every day. The quotes she read changed her life. Together, this team found a passion for all things JOY. The company was even named after Pam's mom (and Meredith's grandmother) Joy Rotelle.

Meredith's Story

Back in high school, I found myself going through a tricky time. Everything might have looked perfect from the outside, but I was missing a little something on the inside.


And even though I always had everything in me it took to feel joyful, I needed a little reminder.  


My mom saw I needed a hand so she put a BIG glass bowl of quotes on my desk. She asked me to pick one from it every day. I said NOPE! But eventually, I picked a quote, just to see… And the words I read shifted my whole day around. And the next day, and the next. Over time, the daily routine of reading a quote helped me remember me, and to find my center again. The tool was simply a way to bring me back to my best self.

Pam's Story


Pam is a Professor, Spiritual Director and Host of The Talking Joy Podcast. She travels to teach groups and tell stories about the power of words, the strength of positivity, and the gift of joy. One of her favorite things to do is to speak at events using Meredith's Jars of Joy quotes as positive tools.

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