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hello FRiends! Our jars are filled with inspirational quotes from great thinkers, writers, and poets. Each jar contains 30 slips of paper, waiting to be picked from once a day.


get a jar

Give a jar as a gift or keep one for yourself as the perfect self-care treat!

how to use our jars


read the message

Pick one quote every morning, then tape it to your wall, stick it in your pocket, or share it with a friend.


feel the joy

The goal is to read something that inspires you to look compassionately at others and deep within yourself.

We believe the quote you read is always exactly what you are meant to hear, and encourage you to apply the wisdom to your life throughout the day. 

the mother-daughter duo behind it all

Pam & Meredith are the mother-daughter duo behind the joy. When Meredith went through a sticky emotional patch as a teenager, her mom gave her a bowl of quotes and asked her to pick from it every day. The words she read changed her life.

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